Tammy Vermette
Registered Marriage & Family Therapist

About Therapy with Tammy

Many describe therapy as a supportive conversation with a close friend. In addition, I also bring years of experience in helping people see themselves and their relationships from new and insightful perspectives; providing tools and techniques to help with change.

I create a supportive and safe place for individuals to explore issues that are affecting their growth and ability to make and maintain connections. I also help you by highlighting strengths and supports to help in the growing experience.

It takes courage to confront your fears and process your pains. Wanting change for yourself and your life is a strength to be proud of.

Preparing for your First Session

It is helpful to come with a brief history of the issue that brings you to therapy.  You should also think about what your goals are for therapy. Much of the first session will be devoted to understanding you, your goals and the process of therapy going forward.

Sessions are 50 or 80 minutes in length and are typically scheduled bi-weekly. The number of therapy sessions is determined by your goals and situation. Some come for only a handful of sessions, while others find they would like to continue therapy for multiple months, and others choose to check-in less frequently once initial goals have been met. It all depends on what you want to achieve.

There is no greater investment than the one you can make in yourself.

I look forward to building a strong trusting relationship with you.


 Located at Assiniboine Family Therapy 201-1311 Portage Avenue     Winnipeg, Manitoba   R3G 0V3    tammyvermetteaft@gmail.com