Tammy Vermette
Registered Marriage & Family Therapist

Therapy Services  Some common issues that Tammy assists clients with in counselling include:

Individual Counselling

  • Anxiety and depression in children, teens, and adults
  • Grief and loss due to relational breakdown or death
  • Working through relational and attachment issues
  • Problem Solving through various life transitions
  • Healing self as a result of abuse and or / trauma
  • Working on strengthening self esteem and identity
  • Working through family of origin issues

Family Counselling

  • Assisting with Parenting Techniques
  • Blending families - exploring individual needs, feelings, boundaries and parental guidelines
  • Learning how to gain a voice in the family
  • Conflict resolution
  • Celebrating and understanding differences within the family
Located at Assiniboine Family Therapy 201-1311 Portage Avenue


Couple Counselling

  • Premarital and marriage enrichment counselling
  • Finding healthy ways of dealing with differences
  • Exploring ways to blend family scripts
  • Creating intimacy and healthier sexual relationships
  • Working on positive communication approaches
  • Healing after an affair
  • Grief therapy and working through loss or illness
  • Relationship ambivalence
Winnipeg, Manitoba   R3G 0V3    tammyvermetteaft@gmail.com